Married for 5 years, suffering from ED.

When man is sexually excited, brain send signals to the nerves, to pump more blood into the penis. First step is to analyse your hormone levels and psychological factors to get arousal. This can be done by online consultation followed by blood tests to check hormone levels. If all reports are normal, it is required to test for any problems in the blood vessels, nerves or penis which can be performed at a clinic.

Early ejaculation leads to disappointment?

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation can be irritating for men as well as their partners. When one is anxious or nervous, he ejaculates fast. Treatment can be done through online consultation (video consulting) and through sex therapy (which needs both the partners).

Worried about small penile size?

Many men are un satisfied with their penile size. However, to increase penile size, surgery is the only option. Do not fall prey to medicines advertising online.

Have tighter foreskin but do not want to undergo surgery?

Tighter foreskin can be treated by either by steroid creams or circumcision. If you are able to retract your foreskin when partially hard state of your penis, then you can use a steroid cream. This can be done at clinic on consulting an andrologist through CupidCare. However, if the foreskin is unable to be and clinic visit is required.

Addicted to porn and masturbation.

Porn addiction is complex. If you are unable to sleep or do anything with our masturbating or watching porn, consulting a specialist online can help you to overcome the addiction. This needs a detailed video session followed by follow ups with the specialist.

Unable to overcome the addiction.

However, watching porn has led to erection problem, or addicted to masturbation and have no interest in sex, needs a deeper evaluation. CupidCare de-addiction packages are better suited for a better recovery.